Republika Srbija Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity


The Municipality of Pecinci has taken another step towards reforms-as promoter and partner in municipal economic growth. As a result, today it has its own Department of Information Technology, Local Economic Development and Project Development Center.

The LED Office was officially opened on 30th April, 2007. Its main goal is implementing USAID`s Municipal Economic Growth Activities program as part of the Exchange program. EU Municipality of Maribor is a project partner. After signing cooperation and participation protocol concerning this USAID`s MEGA program, the Municipality of Pecinci committed to implementing the development projects stated in the Strategy of Local Economic Development to 2017.

This Strategy defines the main LED directions and priority issues

    • Small and medium-size businesses development
    • Agriculture and town development
    • Tourism
    • Direct investments attraction
    • Higher standard of living

With this Strategy, the LED vision was adopted

The Municipality of Pecinci- a place of prosperity, opened to all those who want to enjoy a quality life and have a business friendly environment. Let`s make future together!


  1. Data base for future investors ( available locations, manpower structure
  2. Data base update (available building sites in industrial zones, manpower etc.)
  3. Supporting marketing and promotion (catalogues, brochures, leaflets etc.)
  4. Taking future clients and investors to the available building sites and locations
  5. Tourist offer and investment promotion
  6. Informing the business community about application possibilities for funding (loans, funds, donations)
  7. Supporting the agricultural business community in applying for national loans and funds (AP Vojvodina Development Fund, Guarantee Fund, Serbia Development Fund)
  8. Education programs for the agricultural business community (training programs, seminars in cooperation with The Faculty of Agriculture and various institutes)

Director of Agency for development:
Milan Aleksić 
tel: +381 22 400 731

Deputy director
Radivoj Milosevic
tel: +381 22 400 734
tel: +381 64 898 3623