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Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity

Obedska pond

A special nature reserve Obedska Pond is a world famous marsh area which has been, through out its long history, a true home for flowers and animals and a center of attention of many explorers, scientists and nature lovers. It is located in Pećinci, 45 km from Belgrade, and 35km away from the international airport "Nikola Tesla". It is a hoof shaped water area and it used to be a part of the Sava river bed. It appeared more than several thousand years ago and since then many things have changed, however, its natural values remained preserved until today. The Pond as a remnant of an older swamp with its specific biological and geographical characteristics represents a unique phenomenon in Europe. In order to preserve this natural value the Obedska Pond complex has been well protected as a nature reserve.

The first administrative protection measures for the Obedska Pond date back in 1874 when it was protected as the Habsburg royal family's hunting grounds and in 1919 it became a famous hunting area of the Karadjordjevic's dynasty.

Based on the Ramsar Convention (1977) this area has been put on the list of swamps with international importance.
The Obedska Pond is also on the list of places with vital importance for birds in Europe.

The Obedska Pond is also on the list of places with vital importance for birds in Europe. This special nature reserve is specific for its biodiversity with many rare and endangered species of national and international importance and sensitive eco-systems, wet lands and old forests of oak trees.

In this relatively small area several different natural habitats exists with diverse botanical species.

It is necessary to underline the importance of bushes, trees, swamp and meadows for the survival of a very rich and diverse bird colony here. The total found number of species: 220 species of birds, 50 species of mammals, 16 species of fish, over 1200 species of insects, over 200 species of zooplankton, around 180 species of fungi, 500 species of plants and 50 species of moss.

Every year an international research campus is held hosting young people from all continents in the world.

Due to everything stated above Obedska Pond represents a natural value and extremely valuable tourist potential.