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Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity

National library

National Library in Pećinci was established in 1972. Additionally, branches of the National Library were established in Šimanovci (established in 1985), Ašanja (established in 2001) and Ogar (currently being established). Principal activities of the institution are collection, preparing, keeping and further use of library materials (books, magazines, newspapers and other).

In addition to principal activities, the library is also involved in organization of cultural - education program aimed at promoting books as the cultural goods and creating habits of reading and serving to books.

National Library in Pećinci and its branches in Šimanovci and Ogar manage 31000 books, dozens of magazines, daily and weekly newspapers.

Books are classified and organized in departments for adults, children, professional and science-popular literature and homeland department.

Department for adults includes fiction, travels, essays, literary critique and memoirs.

In addition to literature for children, picture books and primary and secondary school literature, Department for Children manages encyclopedic issues for the youngest children.

Department of professional and science-popular literature has a great selection of books offering citizens, students and pupils a rich source of information for professional training and development.

There is also an abundance of materials needed for graduation, seminar and other professional papers in the field of social, natural and applied sciences.

Users are allowed free access to these departments.

As of 1998, the Library has been running a book data base.

Founder of the National Library Pećinci is the Municipal Assembly of Pećinci.